Painted Ridge Ranch
Friends & Family
Painted Ridge Ranch

Jackson and Rocky

It is a long story, but we met "Jackson's" brother "Rocky" at the dog park. They both have very "cute" owners.

Ranch Work

David working on the Ranch!

Our Family 
David, Toby and Abbie Faingold enjoy the country life raising Paint and Quarter Horses in addition to their  Mini-Aussie's "Jackson" and "Reggie".

Our Friends
 How could we ever start to tell you about all of our wonderful friends. We hope to post pictures of many of them, they are such an integral part of our lives. We love you all!

Our Trainers 
Thanks to Martin Padilla for all of his help and support as we jumped into this world of Reining Horses. He has now ventured across the country to train at Darling 888 Ranch in Kentucky with Mike Boyle, we wish you the best of luck!